Living by the Sea in Singapore

Lets start off by discussing what some the perks of living by the Sea in Singapore. Most of the houses that you find in Singapore are situated in the urban concrete jungle and its hard to get one with nature or open view.

More than often, the most coveted houses are those with a direct view at the sea and within strolling distance to the beach or even a park. In Singapore, there are only two key areas that offer such wonders and its none other than Sentosa and East Coast. Sentosa is largely seen as an exclusive residential estate and its prices are usually upwards of $2 million, that is for its oldest condominium there – The Berth by the Cove, it was the very first housing project in Sentosa and that was completed in 2006. To put things into perspective, the newer homes are upwards of $3 million.

With its exclusivity and prices, these homes in Sentosa Cove are usually beyond the reach of your average Singaporean. So where does that leave us?

The East Coast of Singapore

The eastern part of Singapore has its charms when it comes to living. Most Singaporeans can tell you things that they love to do in East and especially at the popular East Coast Parkway. Take Randy for example, whom is 45 and bought a four-bedroom apartment along Meyer Road and has since been living in the East Coast for the past 10 years. He has a family of five with the children schooling in Marine Parade. Randy tells us that living in the East, especially close to the coast, has its perks – “We seldom need to use our air conditioner in our apartment because there’s rarely the need for it!” said Randy, elaborating on the cool sea breeze that the family enjoys at home.

Besides Meyer Road, there are also several other charming housing projects in the neighbourhood such as Neptune Court and Laguna Park. For many, the other main consideration for staying at East Coast is the nearby East Coast Parkway which offers excellent food and provides them with a relaxed and healthy lifestyle.

East Coast – The lifestyle

Ask any Singaporean about the park that comes to their mind and you will know the answer – East Coast Park. In case you don’t know, East Coast Park is over 185 hectare and has a coastline of over 15km that covers from Marina Bay to Changi. For Randy and his family, the weekends are never complete without a trip to the park. The park also features a Xtreme SkatePark that is the first skate park built according to international competition standards.

Besides extreme sports, there is also an area for radio control car enthusiasts. Built in 1998, the 100m x 60m Marine Parade Radio Control Modellers Club’s East Coast track is a 1.3km-long circuit that is the size of a football field. It is open to members who want to race either a battery-powered or gas-powered radio control cars.

East Coast Park is also the only park in Singapore that has clusters of F&B spread throughout its length.

The National Parks Board (NParks) is revamping the park in phases. This year saw the closure of Raintree Cove, which used to house Long Beach Main Seafood Restaurant, Lorna Whiston Pre-school and Burger King outlets, as well as the Big Splash. The sites have been returned to the government for redevelopment.

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